Website design and development for Toby Rao


Toby Rao is an internationally acclaimed agile coach who has spoken in more than 20 events. He needed to build a portfolio website depicting his journey. 

He had tried hiring freelancers before but the work was not up to the mark. 


So he decided to hire someone new and found me on Fiverr and started the project once he saw my portfolio. He loved my work and my drive to get customer satisfaction.

In just 3 days I delivered this website.


Here’s what he says about my service. “pankajvm did a phenomenal job on my consultant website! His knowledge, expertise, and skills are really great. His attitude and passion towards customer service and website development really show clearly in the way he interacted with me and created my website. He knows the latest trend, best practices, and advanced techniques and uses them to create really great work. Don’t waste your time with template-based copycat web developers on Fiverr. If you want a unique and custom site just go with pankajvm, Highly recommended!





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