Website Design

Website Design


Simplicity is one of the most important aspects of website design. Your customer should have a positive experience when using your website. Whether they are reading content, watching a video or enrolling in a course, every action should be clear and concise throughout the website. My approach is to create a website that strengthens your company’s brand while ensuring ease of use and simplicity for your audience.

              The website design process starts with a pen and paper to sketch page layouts, wire-frames, sitemaps and menu structures. Digital design concepts are then created incorporating your company’s brand guidelines for a personalised look and feel. You will be presented with a variety of website design concepts to review. Feedback on the design concepts is essential to give you the opportunity to express your thoughts on the design and make alterations where desired before the final sign-off.

Website Development — Building your website

                 Once the design has been finalised, the creation of the custom WordPress theme can begin. The website development process starts by taking the graphical elements (colours, fonts, layout, images) defined in the design process and coding them using web industry standards (PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery). This is typically done by first coding the home page, followed by templates for the interior pages. When the website is ready for review you will be supplied with login details to view the website before it is launched to the public. You will also be supplied with instructions on how to update your website.

All of the websites that I create have been built using tailor-made by customising WordPress themes.



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