WordPress Training

WordPress Training

We offer customised WordPress training to ensure you and your team are confident in updating and maintaining your existing WordPress website. Of if you’re new to WordPress but would like to learn the basics we offer an introduction course to get you started.

We provide one-to-one, group and classroom WordPress training for all skill levels. Even if we didn’t create the website for you, we are happy to review your current website and create a WordPress training manual to talk you through. We’ll also guide you through creating your own WordPress website if you don’t already have a website. A custom course structure will be created based on your experience level and requirements.

WordPress Training Courses

Introduction to WordPress

This course is perfect for you if you want to learn about building a website or blog with WordPress but not sure where to start. The Introduction to WordPress course will show you how to create a free website or blog using the WordPress.com platform. It’s as easy as creating a free account, picking a template and adding in your content.

WordPress Maintenance & Updating

This course is perfect for you if you have an existing WordPress website and would like to learn how to back-up, update and maintain your website. We’ll also go through adding new pages and posts, editing pages and posts, adding your social media links, adding new users, adding menu items and any other features that you’d like to learn about.

WordPress Essentials

Feeling comfortable updating your WordPress blog or website but want to add in some extra functionality? Linking your blog to your social media accounts, adding a photo carousel or contact form, adding in an SEO (search engine optimisation) plugin, and creating a newsletter sign-up are just a few of the options at your fingertips. We’ll also go through any other features that you’d like to learn about.

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